Timeline Events

Housing Act 1974

Introduced state funding for social housing development by housing associations.  This started the development of housing associations as the major provider of social housing

Housing Act 1961

Gave local authorities powers to limit the number of people living in a property in an attempt to prevent overcrowding.

Housing Act 1946

Increased subsidies to local authorities and allowed them to borrow from the Public Works Loan Board.


National Assistance Act 1948

National Assistance Act abolishes the Poor Law. Suitable accommodation to be provided by local authorities for those with physical or mental health problems.

Poor Law Act 1597

“Overseers of the Poor” in each Parish were to arrange work and apprenticeships for the able-bodied poor and to administer relief for those unable to work.

Poor Act 1575

Established houses of correction for those who refused to work.

Housing Act 1949

Councils to take account of all housing needs and not just those of the “working classes”.

Thirlmere Road, Newbold, Chesterfield.
Image courtesy of R Wilsher and www.picturethepast.org.uk

Housing Act 1952

Councils could sell council houses.  The subsidy paid to Councils for housing increased.