Housing of the Working Classes Act 1885


Housing of the Working Classes Act – local authorities were given enforcement powers over sanitary conditions and overcrowding in housing.

The ‘Dog Kennels’ area of Chesterfield was in the present day Markham Road area. The name probably comes from a ‘subscription Dog Kennel’ shown on early maps near the river Hipper, between the Silk Mill and Wheeldon Lane. Later maps do not show this building, but the old Yards between this area and the river were known as The Dog Kennels. The housing was old and housed mainly Irish families and were overcrowded and insanitary dwellings. Most of the Dog Kennels area was demolished in 1912 when Markham Road was built, and the remainder went in 1914 when Tontine Road was built from Low Pavement to the Cattlemarket.

Picture courtesy of C H Nadin, Photographer and www.picturethepast.org.uk