Chesterfield – Whitecotes

Observations on the Whitecotes Estate by local historian, Janet Murphy

It occurred to me as I walked round this little estate that it is a microcosm of Chesterfield’s council housing styles. To the north of Sitwell Avenue and the original part of Hucklow Avenue the houses were probably erected in the 1930s – similar in style to the Boythorpe and St Augustines estates.



The war brought council house building to a halt and immediately after the war the prefabs on Grindlow Avenue and the concrete houses on the rest of Hucklow Avenue and Wardlow Close were built.



The semi-detached houses on the left have flats attached to the side. I have heard these referred to as ‘granny flats’ – is this so or are they completely independent? Are there flats like this anywhere else?

The unstable nature of the ground to the west of the estate due to mine workings meant that the Council was reluctant to build on it. However they decided to complete Grindlow Avenue as it was right on the edge of the unstable area.


The housing to the left of the prefabs on Grindlow Avenue probably dates to the 1960s. By the 1980s the Council was limited to building bungalows for elderly and paraplegic persons.


These are to be found to the south of Sitwell Avenue. The building in the background is the Whitecotes public house.

Although not quite the same there is now 21st century building on the estate in the form of Derbyshire County Council sheltered accommodation at Potters Place.