Staveley, Duckmanton and Mastin Moor

We talked to residents of Mastin Moor at the Eventide Club which they run as a community centre.  They talked about growing up in Staveley, Duckmanton and Mastin Moor.  Olive Owen and Tony Brown grew up in mining communities, and the local colliery was a focal point when they were growing up.  Tony Brown later worked in Ireland Colliery, Staveley.  They both talk about living in housing owned by the collieries before and after nationalisation, and about being rehoused in council housing at Mastin Moor when the estate was first built.  Sheila Brown has lived nearly all of her life in Mastin Moor, growing up at the crossroads and then moving into a council house on the estate when that was built.


Their oral histories can be found here:

Olive Owen  Olive Owen

Tony Brown  Tony Brown

Sheila Brown Sheila Brown

Mastin Moor Xroads 1

                   Mastin Moor Xroads 4(2)


Mastin Moor Xroads 5(2)

                    Mastin Moor Xroads 3

Views of Mastin Moor crossroads today


Mastin Moor Xroads 2