New Whittington

Margaret Pattison’s parents moved to New Whittington after her father came to work on the railway at Barrow Hill.  She grew up in London Street, in a house which was subsequently condemned and demolished.  Her parents were both very active in local politics, and both served as Mayor of Chesterfield at different times.  Her mother was Chair of the Housing Committee in the early 1970’s.


‘…it was quite a good place… it was a yard and people helped each other…I remember my dad was poorly in bed and my mum used to work part-time and people from the yard would come in and say did he want a drink and see to him and so on’.

‘…you had to cross the yard to go to the toilet.  In the winter time the toilet froze so you were carrying buckets of water to flush your toilet and so on’

After Margaret was married and had a home of her own, her parents and sister moved to a Council flat.

‘…‘they were allocated a flat and I remember how thrilled they were, you know, having an indoor bathroom and toilet’.


Margaret Pattison’s oral history can be heard here: Margaret Pattison 1 and Margaret Pattison 2