Vivienne Foulks grew up in Hollingwood, in housing provided for workers at Staveley Works which was nearby.  Her recorded oral history can be found here. She describes the house she lived in, the games she and her friends played, and attending local schools.  Hollingwood was unusual in having hot water piped to all the houses in the village, and this disrupted the sledging run!

Here are some photographs of Vivienne Foulks’ family:


 Dorothy Vickers (Vivienne Foulks’ mother) outside 3 Oak Street, Hollingwood, 1930s

Photograph given by Vivienne Foulks


 Hollingwood, 1937
Left to Right: Les Fenton, Dorothy Vickers, Margaret & her husband, Alan Vickers (kneeling)

Photograph given by Vivienne Foulks


 Swimming Baths, Stand Road, Chesterfield, 1934

Dorothy Vickers in the middle of the top row

Photograph given by Vivienne Foulks


3 Oak Street Hollingwood today