We have been collecting oral histories, written accounts, photographs and other material relating to residents’ experiences of social housing in North Eastern Derbyshire.

Oral histories can be found here.

Documentary film-maker David France has made a film of interviews with residents from Chesterfield and Barrow Hill, which can be found here.

An overview of developments in social housing in Chesterfield from the fifteenth century onwards, contributed by Max Hayter, can be found here.

Histories, photographs and objects have been given, lent, shown, and discussed with us so that we can share them with a wider audience. We are very grateful to all our contributors for helping us explore their experience of social housing in North Eastern Derbyshire.  We hope that you will enjoy listening to and reading their histories, looking at old and new photographs and watching the film. Where we can, we’ve taken photographs of the homes mentioned so that you can see what they look like today.

Transcripts of the histories can be emailed to you if you require them – please use the contact pages to make your request.

Summaries of the oral histories, written accounts, documents, objects and photographs can be found in folders organised by area here: