Timeline Events

Housing Act 1935

Housing Act 1935 Government subsidy per person for slum clearance, depending on the numbers rehoused.

Britt’s Court, Beetwell Street, Chesterfield 1936 – photograph taken by Council before demolition.
Photograph courtesy of Derbyshire County Council and www.picturethepast.org.uk

Housing Act 1996

Brought in a number of changes to social housing including:

Anti-social behaviour injunctions– this enabled social landlords to obtain an injunction against a tenant who engages in “housing-related anti-social conduct”

Introductory tenancies – this is a type of tenancy for new tenants. They have no security for the first year, so that if the council applies to the court for possession of the property in that time, the court must allow it.

Housing Act 1988

This created Assured tenancies as the new long term tenancy used by social landlords (ie housing associations and not local authorities).  Under these tenancies, a tenant could only be evicted if the landlord proved a specific ground for possession and obtained a court order.

Housing Act 1985

Created a right for a family member to succeed/take over a tenancy following the death of the main tenant.  The right applied to a husband or wife (later a civil partner) who had lived with the family member for 1 year before the death as long as that tenancy had not been passed on in this way before.

S82 Also created secure tenancies for council tenants which meant a tenancy could not be brought to an end by the Landlord except by obtaining a court order.

Housing Regeneration Act 2008

This Act ended the concept of a ‘tolerated trespasser’.  Many secure and assured tenants of social landlords had fallen into this category as a result of breaching court orders given when they had of rent arrears.  The Act meant that these people lost security and their homes could be repossessed.

Housing Act 2004

Placed duties on local authorities to inspect rented properties and if necessary take action for hazards.

Crime and Disorder Act 1998

Gave local authorities more powers in relation to anti-social behaviour of tenants and created ASBOs.

Housing Act 1980

Saw the start of the right to buy scheme in its new form.  Councils had to sell properties to tenants at a discount from the market price when they applied.  Houses were not built to replace those sold, and so the Act started a huge reduction in the number of council houses.

Housing Act 1977

Provided the first laws on homelessness and duties of councils to provide assistance to homeless people.